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  • 8 years ago
Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone!

Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone!

When, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 statements on the door of the University Church in Wittenberg, Germany, the fires of reformation were kindled throughout the medieval church. That flame soon spread and became known as the Reformation. This turned out to be a tidal wave of truth that washed over the church, restoring it to a more authentic stance as the Bride of Christ. The Reformation, of which we are joyful children, was really a recovery of two things: The Bible as God’s Word, and the Gospel as God’s way of rescue. Today we look at the Reformation dogma known as sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone. Simply put, this is the belief that the Bible, and the Bible alone, can be known surely as God’s Word. As such, it carries the supreme authority of God to man and is the only authority that has the right to bind our consciences and demand our obedience. Other sources of truth may be helpful, but the Bible alone carries the authority of God.