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  • 8 years ago



The story of how God kept His promise to send the Savior - the Christmas story! - has always had joy at its core for this was God’s intention all along. If joy is the surge of happiness that takes over the soul when the long-anticipated is at last experienced, then the arrival of the long-promised Messiah surely qualifies as the greatest joy of all time. What the world had long hoped for, dreamed of, clung to, was at last reality. And yet, the stuff of great joy is more than just the experience of the hoped for. Great joy comes when what is now seen and known so overwhelmingly exceeds expectation as to create a whole new level of ecstasy. Thus it was when the angelic choir informed the shepherds that the Christ was born that such a happening was one of “great joy.” No normal joy was this, for what God had given was much more than what the world, in its darkened understanding, had hoped for. They wanted a human, Davidic king who would raise the prospects of an Israelite kingdom once aga