Gospel House Radio (WGHI)

Chicago, United States

(WGHI-RADIO) Inspired by Psalms 150 to promote YHWH Temple Praise Culture. (WGHI) Gospel House Radio produces inspirational sound experiences that uplift the human mind, body, and soul. Through the promotion of dynamic music mixes, physical fitness, praise dance events, gospel choir performances, gospel spoken word, gospel battle rap, and gospel talk radio, WGHI is a leading promoter of Gospel House worldwide. WGHI is a Chicago-based, nonprofit, listener-supported, internet radio station, hosted by Dr. Dorrelle Lomax Burnett, founder of The Chicago Music Showcase. WGHI Radio features DJ mixes, music favorites, hit songs, music talk radio, artist showcases, live concerts, and more. Our enterprises, institutions, educational programs, workshops, fitness workouts, fundraisers, cooperatives, competitions, and special events are established and produced for the betterment of mankind and to promote the Kingdom of YHWH.

Gospel House Radio Mix

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