Curved Knowledge #2 - Alanna Lawley

Curved Knowledge #2 - Alanna Lawley

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Curved Knowledge #2 - Alanna Lawley

I don't want to give away too much of this episode!
But what I can say is that Alanna will bring something very personal and precious from 20 years ago, and I will talk about The Art of Memory, an ancient method of memorising, that made a slight turn toward the occult during the Renaissance. We will find some beautiful connections!

I ask the guest to bring a topic that they have been thinking about or studying or that has fascinated them and that they would like to share with me and the (radio) audience. There are no restrictions on the topic/issue. I invite them because they have a certain expertise or are doing a certain research, but ultimately their topic can be anything. I will do the same, and neither of us knows what the other will bring to the table. The attempt is to have a conversation that shows connections between these two topics.
Recognizing parallels opens our eyes to new perspectives beyond our own.