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How to Leverage Cash Flow during Retirement

How to Leverage Cash Flow during Retirement

Retirement planner Nahum Daniels, CFP®, discusses with Doug how retirees can maintain a steady cash flow in retirement without receiving a paycheck. Nahum and Doug compare and contrast the benefits of fixed annuities, index funds, passive investing and bonds. Is one investment vehicle better than the others? Are bonds appropriate for retirees? Many retirees have a large percentage of bonds in their retirement portfolio. However, the risk of inflation can lower the real value of your fixed income (bond) returns. So what is a retiree to do? Consider a bond investment strategy that may improve your returns: bond laddering Bond laddering may pay a higher long-term rate while staggering interest payments to provide steady income during retirement. Learn more about bond laddering at Listen in as Doug explains asset allocation strategies to balance safety with higher returns. To learn more about Nahum Daniels, visit his website.   If you’re not already r