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Behind The Hits with Motown songwriter Pam Sawyer

Behind The Hits with Motown songwriter Pam Sawyer

Playing tracks by

Little Hank, David Ruffin, The Supremes, Gladys Knight, PJ (Patti Jerome) and more.

Behind The Hits is a concept created for Radio by Bob Shannon and John Java and presented by Kev Roberts as a podcast.
In this episode we talk to iconic songwriter PAM SAWYER. From early writings for Big Dee Irwin, Little Hank and Prince Harold to blockbusting Million Sellers fOR The Supremes, Gladys Knight etc. Pam talks of her English roots to a life in the USA.
The copyright in this podcast is the sole property of and is for listening pleasure only. Broadcast re-use is strictly forbidden unless by owners permission.


DJ Hudson
DJ Hudson

Great interview. There was an article in the recent issue of Wax Poetics magazine on Marilyn Mcleod, which also mentions Pam a lot and it got me thinking that I've seen their names on the back of records pretty much all my life but don't know anything about them. This interview seems to be pretty much the only info on Pam on the internet so thank you!

Dollar Bill

Well...I am the son of the husband Pam referred to. It was fascinating to hear her talk about how she met and felt about him. His story is a little different from hers - as you might imagine.

Pam was a very tough girl in her youth. Pop used to brag about how she would beat guys up. Once some car dealer was giving her the runaround about a repair and she clocked the guy. Sent him reeling into a wall full of auto parts which went crashing to the floor - or so the apocryphal tale goes.

Regardless...Pam was always good to me the few times we were together in my father's company. And there's certainly no denying her songwriting ability. I should hate her as she broke up my family (my father was actually married to my mother when he married Pam as well) but I never did. And listening to this interview, I see what pop liked about her.

The old songwriting stories were great. I didn't know Laurie Burton but Pam and I wrote with some of the same songwriters - only I came 15 years later. Kind of sad for me in the beginning to hear the ambivalence in her voice as she described my father. They had an acrimonious breakup but somehow even though they HATED each other...I could feel that love was never far away!


I really enjoyed this interview. Good to hear the voice behind the lyrics and music. Leave it to the Brits they KNOW music.

John Lester

Great interview

Gerd Engeln

WONDERFUL!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

David Steven Guy

Correction to my previous comment , they were in the 70s not the 80s!

David Steven Guy

Very good. Pam Sawyer continued to write hits with Michael Masser in the 80s for Diana Ross, not very well known songs but very good: Sorry doesn't always make it right, I thought it took a little time, Last time I saw him.

Carol Gilboy

Great show, really interesting for anybody, whether a Motown fan or not