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Goa, Russian Federation

The GO2SKY sound space is filled up with all shades of progressive beat. It submerges into unique dimension, where body movements come naturally by themselves. The listener discovers himself in a trance state, guided by experienced shaman. The contents of his extraordinary collection build up 3-dimentional mosaics of original melodies, creating a unified psychedelic symphony, where each track represents blend of colours, each time evolving and capturing higher vibes. Fully up to date with ever-changing creative standards and evolution of sound synthesis.
The creative journey started in the Moscow’s underground musical scene, when psychedelic movement fundamentals were born in early Millennium. GO2SKY is pushing borders keeping Psychedelic Trance Movement spirit alive.





🧝‍♂️ Вас приветствует капитан космического межпланетного шаттла Serge Sharonoff - Автор проекта GO2SKY, диджей, музыкант, промоутер, один из организаторов международного арт-фестиваля электронной музыки Chill Out Planet, резидент одноименного муз...
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