Omaha, United States

Striving to bring the essence of true DJing back to the forefront. getEJIKEwithit is a vanguard of the music scene by always searching for the new dope song or sound and finding ways to blend them with what’s relevant in today. Ejike got his DJing career started in Omaha, NE but uses all of his influences when trying to curate the perfect DJ set (from Tyler, TX, is of Nigerian descent, and has lived in Ohio and Georgia). He is ANTI Radio (Artist Need Time In Radio) therefore, he heralds himself as a digital crate digger: finding all of the gems on albums and records that are not known or are not pushed as the single. He just spins dope music! He plays everything from hip-hop to afrobeat to soul and funk and everything in between. So, ask yourself, are you ready to getEJIKEwithit?!

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