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George Bleicher

Munich, Germany

Ambitious DJ / Producer George Bleicher was born in a small part of Bavaria, near the city of Munich in Germany and grew up in the early 90's during a momentous time in the electronic music scene.
The skills George developed have morphed into a serious, unique style of deep, punchy and hard to find grooves that has become his specific signature of sound.
Caught in the throes of this evolution through the Munich techno scene, George Bleicher played in well-known clubs in the city such as Pacha, Palais, Harry Klein or Ampere. This presence made him a well-known Munich DJ in the scene and beyond.
He is resident DJ at Palais Club Munich, where he has promoted national and international guest DJ's alongside local DJ's for over 10 years with his event We PLAY.
He transports his musical message and way of perfomance all over Germany through Hamburg, Berlin, Kassel or Nuremberg, where his name can be read regularly on the line up of the clubs.
"Run" EP was released on Sujet Musique.