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New Years Resolutions - Game Of Thrones Weekly

New Years Resolutions - Game Of Thrones Weekly

GoT Writers: Keep strong with the female characters!
? We are having a historical “moment” with Metoo movement, etc.
? Looking back at early episodes with this lens: some elements relating to female
characters feel “OFF”. Maybe setting up for later seasons and role of women
GoT Writers: Embrace your past
? Bring back the oldies but goodies: Syrio Forel, Dario Naharis
? Hoping a “dead” character comes back—die offscreen: Blackfish—Stannis.
Beric Dondarrion: “I’m going to take better care of myself”
? Pretty standard New Year resolution, but takes on special meaning with him
? Is he even alive at the wall? Maybe has second degree ice fire burns…
? No more Thoros of Myr to heal him. He’s going to have to change his habits.
? No more cheeseburgers, no more shots of fortified mead…no more getting chopped in
Jorah Mormont: “Focus on finding love”
? Classic guy…like guys in Hollywood—going after women much too young for him. Got
him in trouble before when he pursued