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MrOffBeat (Kyodai)

Madrid, Spain

Hello, Mr. OffBeat is my artistic avatar, I am F. Xabier Garayalde, co-founder and member of several electronic music projects, Wagon Cookin', Kyodai, Bassfort and Mentho.

The term OffBeat refers to a note or a beat that is placed outside the expected tempo in a melody or a piece of music. This can add a touch of spice and groove to the music, and is something I am passionate about exploring in my compositions.

As a producer, drummer, percussionist and DJ, I have had the opportunity to collaborate and work with many artist exploring different styles, from Disco, Electro, Deep house to Detroit Techno, Broken Beat, Nu jazz and African American styles. My music thrives on soul essence and I am always looking for new ways to experiment.