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I'm taking back my freedom!

I'm taking back my freedom!

You don't know whether to turn right or left; go backwards or forwards. Your emotions are up and down like a roller coaster, all over the place and you don't know if you're coming or going. You want to close your eyes and sleep but you can't because your thoughts won't let you.
It's time for YOU to BREAK FREE!
In 2015 I released a poem book titled 365 Days of Self Worth Praise, I Survived! and in that book I wrote a poem titled, "Soul Ties," and it starts like this, "I was sleeping with this man and I couldn't understand why for the life of me I couldn't let him be. I knew he was no good for me and I wanted to break free, but I kept going back like a crack addict, I had to have it. My soul was not letting go even though my mind kept saying no. What's wrong with me, did he cast a spell to keep me locked in this hell? I can't explain why I can't release the pain..."

Join Patricia Shaw to learn how she broke free.
And how you can too!