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  • 1 year ago

Speaker: Tom Morris

Most people will acknowledge that there is a voice or a "thinker" within them that is compulsively analyzing and commentating on the events of their life. Highlighting things that were said, warning of perceived danger, reminding of what they, or others did wrong. It can even tempt people to do/say things they wouldn’t otherwise have done. What many don’t realize is this voice or way of thinking isn’t reliable. It has been conditioned by past events, fears, insecurities, even beliefs you’ve held about yourself/others that may not be true. Dexter, the famous TV serial killer, referred to it as his "dark passenger".

Did you know that a large part of the spiritual journey is learning to recognize and liberate yourself from this voice - this compulsive way of thinking? Over the next three weeks we’re exploring three common themes that your "thinker" will focus on. Because, on the spiritual quest, awareness leads to freedom.

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