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Fred The Curator

Paris, France

Above all, a music enthusiast, eclectic, digging in front of the eternal, who just wants to share.

Having gravitated for some time in the music industry and DJ / Selecta since 2004, humbly trying to follow in the footsteps of those who source and influence me, Gilles Peterson / Lefto / Benji B / Bob Hill / Simon Harrison / Joe Kay .. ., I scour the web and digg in my personal collection to unearth an eclectic selection of grooves to offer quality mixes and highlight the global creative swarm of today, tomorrow or yesterday!

The other objective is to serve as a platform to highlight the passion and work of other musical curators from around the world who unearth new artists / labels, forgotten pearls, highlight current and past creativity, bring the culture and sharpen our / your ears.

So if you like the initiative, give me strength by following me on my networks, listening / downloading the mixes, like, comment and share without moderation ! #socialsharing