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Maximum Insight: Frank Ramos

Brooklyn, United States

The evolution of dance music as experienced by Brooklynite Frank Ramos. While spinning a diverse collection of music he shares his personal insight, which spans over 40 plus years: the various styles of dance music, the important DJs, clubs, the social, cultural, historical & beyond - all as it occurred in New York City.
At a young age, Frank was introduced to music through radio & live TV performances by R&B, Latin & rock artists. By the age of 14, he was buying records, by 17 he was going to clubs & concerts & all the while he was expanding his musical tastes: jazz, funk, classical, film scores, reggae, Afro-pop, house, hip-hop & more. He's has amassed an equally diverse collection of music related books, magazines, DVDs/VHS which, coupled with his personal experiences, have contributed to his knowledge of music.