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FOXYUN'S DJ MIX - Lucky Lotus Online Music Festival 7

FOXYUN'S DJ MIX - Lucky Lotus Online Music Festival 7

Lucky Lotus Online Music Festival 7
2017/6/24-27(JST) DAY.2


Deborah Rotta Sanches

hey!! im sorry for the horrible delay! i have my hands full with university stuff.
i relistened carefully and in the end i just love everything orz
i tried to type more specific parts but i think i wrote all the parts...
if its too troublesome to you, i can pinpoint exact minutes/seconds
sorry hahahaha your set is just too awesome, i want to check more of your music! : )

load of the women (omoshiro trio mix)
koi no hardcore
manga nippoin mukashi zoobles sasakamasekai
(i have the feeling i know this chiptune o_o but i cant remember the game)
galnaal in de koiken
h.c.p. 2 (and h.c.p.3!) (44 mins, mariri? i died multiple times on this sample, and you used it so masterfully)
genkainada no ika

thats what i wrote...

im really sorry for the trouble > _ < and for the delay too!

Deborah Rotta Sanches

hey, i love your set, its so fun and so cohesive. could you please give us a more detailed tracklist? thank you so much for making it and uploading it. its rly incredible, makes me pumped, yet at ease and focused. i understand if thats not possible. i hope you join the next lucky lotus too.


I use a lot of sounds, and it is difficult to explain at once.
If you tell me the tracks that you are interested in, I can teach you details little by little.
Sorry poor English :XD