Flotation Device 2021-08-01 - New creative music

Flotation Device 2021-08-01 - New creative music

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Flotation Device 2021-08-01 - New creative music

Great music from multiple continents: composed, improvised and fixed media—for Western and non-Western, and even medieval, instruments. We start out with new albums from Evan Parker and the transcultural septet Karkhana. We also sample a newly-rediscovered Cecil Taylor big band gig from 1990, relating it to the new Francisco Mela/Matthew Shipp/William Parker trio album. Syrphe's Cedrik Fermont & Seattle’s St Celfer offer avant-electronica, while Stefano Gervasoni & Nina C. Young send prerecorded memories through special loudspeakers mounted to a piano soundboard and a snare drum head. The Albuquerque-based duo Endlings joins with Marshall Trammell for a strange blend of rock, free improv & loop music, while Sharon Bezaly & the Royal Scottish play Ye, Ilya Gringolts plays Holliger, and Catalina Vicens plays Boondiskulchok on a portative organ. Creative & improvised music from the Northwest and around the world with host Michael Schell.

Annotated playlist and photo credits in Comments.


Playing tracks by KARKHANA, Evan Parker Quartet, Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, Endlings, Heinz Holliger and more.

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Flotation Device

Flotation Device 2021-08-01: annotated playlist by host Michael Schell
Intro and SET 1: New and improvised [0:00]
1. [0:58] KARKHANA: Al Sal3awa. From Al Azraqayn (Karlrecords, 2021) with Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet, objects, electronics), Umut Çağlar (double reeds, bamboo flutes), Sam Shalabi (oud, electric guitar), Sharif Sehnaoui (electric guitar), Maurice Louca (organ, synthesizer), Tony Elieh (electric bass), Michael Zerang (drums, darbouka). NOTE: Recorded live July 3, 2019 at Bimhuis, Amsterdam
2. [11:23] Evan Parker Quartet: A Blazing Star or Comet Appeared. From All Knavery and Collusion (Cadillac, 2021) with Evan Parker (saxophones), Alexander Hawkins (piano), John Edwards (bass), Paul Lytton (drums), Mike Thorne, Felipe Gomes (recording engineers). NOTE: Recorded June 21, 2019
3. [15:05] Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble: Warszawa 2019 (excerpts). From Warszawa 2019 (Fundacja Słuchaj, 2021) with Evan Parker (soprano saxophone), Matt Wright (laptop, turntable), Paul Lytton (percussion, analogue electronics), Richard Barrett, Paul Obermayer (sampling keyboards), Percy Pursglove (trumpet), Peter van Bergen (bass and A♭ clarinets), Mark Nauseef (percussion), Sten Sandell (piano, synthesiser), Adam Linson (bass, electronics), Kuba Sosulski (recording engineer). NOTE: Recorded live October 12, 2019, 14th Ad Libitum Festival, Laboratorium, U-Jazdowski, Wojciech Krukowski Hall, Warsaw⠀

SET 2 [26:52]
1. [30:02] Endlings: Pre-Bird. From Human Form (Whited Sepulchre, 2021) with Raven Chacon (voice, electronics, guitar, keyboard, violin, saxophone, ocarina), John Dieterich (voice, electronics, guitar, keyboard, bass, drums [Indictor])
2. [32:33] Endlings: Unwritten. From Human Form (credits as above)
3. [34:01] Endlings: Frágil. From Human Form (as above) with Raven Chacon, John Dieterich (as above), Marshall Trammell (drums)
4. [35:45] Heinz Holliger: Drei kleine Szenen - 1. Ciacconina. From Ciaccona (BIS, 2021) with Ilya Gringolts (violin), Andreas Werner (recording engineer). NOTE: Composed 2014
5. [39:22] Nina C. Young: Heart.throb. From Unsnared Drum (New Focus, 2021) with Michael Compitello (snare drum), Ryan Streber (recording engineer)
6. [50:41] Stefano Gervasoni: Altra voce, omaggio a Robert Schumann (excerpts). From Muro di canti (KAIROS, 2021) with Monica Bacelli (mezzo-soprano), Aldo Orvieto (piano), Alvise Vidolin (live electronics, sound direction). NOTE: Composed 2015–17
7. [58:01] Outro with Endlings: Save and Hold Fantasy Threats⠀

SET 3: Cecil Taylor in Germany [1:00:50]
1. [1:01:22] Cecil Taylor Ensemble: Göttingen: Set 2 (excerpts). From Göttingen (2021, Fundacja Słuchaj) with Cecil Taylor (piano, poetry), Tobias Netta (trumpet), Heinz-Erich Gödecke (trombone), Joachim Gies, Martin Speicher (saxophones), Ove Volquartz (saxophones, clarinets), Harald Kimmig (violin), Alexander Frangenheim, Uwe Martin, Georg Wolf (basses), Kojo Samuels (percussion, balafon, elephanthorn), Lukas Lindenmaier, Peeter Uuskyla (drums), Joachim Gückel (recording engineer). NOTE: Recorded live September 15, 1990, Junges Theater, Göttingen, Germany
2. [1:10:52] Ye Xiaogang: December Chrysanthemum, Op. 52b. From Winter (BIS, 2021) with Sharon Bezaly (flute), Royal Scottish National Orchestra, José Serebrier (conductor), Mike Hatch (recording engineer). NOTE: Composed 2006, recorded 2016⠀

SET 4: Electronica and medieval organ [1:19:15]
1. [1:20:26] Cedrik Fermont: Passage. From Détails (Syrphe, 2021) with Cedrik Fermont AKA C-drík (synthesizer, zither, gong, computer)
2. [1:24:33] Prach Boondiskulchok: Squonk Diptych. From Organic Creatures (Consouling Sounds, 2020) with Catalina Vicens (portative organ)
3. [1:29:23] St Celfer AKA John Parker: 61. From StC Lives 51-61-74 (Bandcamp, 2021)⠀

SET 5: In the tradition [1:35:15]
1. [1:37:31] Francisco Mela Trio: Light of Mind. From Music Frees Our Souls, Vol. 1 (577, 2021) with Francisco Mela (drums), Matthew Shipp (piano), William Parker (bass), Jeremy Loucas (recording engineer)
2. [1:57:39] Outro with A.R.C.: Drone

Flotation Device

Photo credits (square): Nina C. Young via the artist, Cecil Taylor by Peter Yates, Cedrik Fermont by Uli Templin, Catalina Vicens via the artist, Heinz Holliger by Priska Ketterer, Endlings (Raven Chacon, John Dieterich) via Whited Sepulchre, Karkhana via the artists, Ye Xiaogang by Clestur, installation by St Celfer, Evan Parker by Hreinn Gudlaugsson, Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Francisco Mela by Kenneth Jimenez, Stefano Gervasoni via the artist.