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Learning to Develop and Trust Your Intuition

Learning to Develop and Trust Your Intuition

Episode 50

We are all born with intuition. In it’s simplest form, intuition is defined as the ability to understand, sense or know something immediately without the need to have a conscious thought about it.
Intuition helps us connect to and learn from our surroundings, putting together pieces of insight that enable us see a bigger picture. It also serves as a survival tool, helping us stay in communication with our parental figure and environment.
In a nutshell, intuition is communication that goes beyond words. It captures insights from our mind, body, spirit and all of our senses. 
Developing Intuitive Strengths as We Grow 
The gift of intuition grows with us, shaping itself based on the messages we receive from family, friends and feedback in our environment. However, these external influences can cause us to lose touch with our natural intuitive guidance and stop trusting it.
According to the glamorized television version of life, intuitive hits come in a flash, changing the