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Episode 8 - Periodization

Episode 8 - Periodization

This episode, we focus on periodization and how it can help you unlock the maximum possible results from your training program. Here's what you can expect:An explanation of what periodization is and how you can use it to structure your programs.What periodization is most useful for, and where it's a bit less useful.Common features of periodized programs.The most common form of periodization, strict linear, and its shortcomings.Some basic periodized programs you can follow for various goals.Recommendations for other periodization programs you can look into.Here's the graph I promise during the video: an analysis of volume vs. intensity within a periodized program.

Here's a copy of the sample periodization strength program I offer:Exercise 4x/weekBench Press Day w/bench press assistance movements, 3-5 exercises for 3x12 focusing on muscle groups that help in the bench press.Squat Day w/squat assistance movements, same a