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Jonah 1 
How do we read Jonah?    We all know the story…..that he was swallowed by a big fish…we often say it was a whale.     There is a tendency by some to say that it’s an allegory – just a story invented to teach a lesson.     To some, the story of Jonah might as well sit on the shelf next to a copy of Aesop’s fables……as a story we read to kids…but not really something for US to look to for any kind of lesson in life. 
But it’s NOT just a story.  This actually happened.   There really WAS a man named Jonah – and he really WAS swallowed by a large aquatic creature – be it a whale or a fish….he was swallowed.      And there really ARE some good things we can learn from Jonah.   Today…we read some of the BACKGROUND to the story of Jonah, and the things leading up to the events he is famous for.    We also see that we may not be that much different f [...]