Pump & Grind

Pump & Grind

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Pump & Grind
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For the next 60 minutes you will be exposed to the new soundtrack to summer. Once you press play, ladies will call their girls to go out shopping for clothes for a night of debauchery on the town. Guys, will get ready to spend some money or present their cases to the most beautiful ladies in eyeshot. This is what happens when women are confident and men are up for the challenge. Pump & Grind, when dancehall meets the digital.

Check out more info for Dj, Pete Funk at www.fire4hiresound.com


Playing tracks by Addictive, Savage Skulls & Douster, Ms Dynamite, Shy FX, Kano and more.



wow, mix is fire, need to know how you got that Gangsta Muzik track. Need that in my life.