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FBIIM BRIEFING: Midnight Message 1: Response

FBIIM BRIEFING: Midnight Message 1: Response

In all that is right and wrong, we need to come up with a solution. As saints we can yell, scream, and holler, but the importance is prayer and coming up with a resolve. Who are we helping by name calling? bad mouthing? bashing?

Get off the soap box, and come up with solutions.
Let's talk about it!
Send me your questions, concerns and comments; we will talk about them on air. [email protected]


Tamiko Perryman

When I'm awake at these times of night I know to look for the purpose of my being up. I know that God has some word so I seek it and tonight I've cone upon The Midnight Message! C'mon now!
I love it. I'm thankful for the word that relays the love of God. I agree with coming with solutions instead of pouring more hate into calamity. Too many people allow the flesh to rise up and will even ask to be excused to be hateful in instances like we've witnessed just in the last couple of weeks, as you've mentioned. It's a natural reaction of the world and the saints have to remain unchanged and stand out from the world and be the light even when darkness seems to cover the land.
We can't forget the word of God and we must continue to be led by the Holy Spirit in our actions, speech and reactions.
Thank God for The Midnight Message. May God continue to bless you and FBIIM.

Apostle Williamson-Neal

Amen! I'm glad you found the Midnight Message. The Lord said sit down and use your resources so I did. We want to move the saints from the current state to the rapture and beyond. They don't realize they can't do that with hate. God bless you and please share the broadcast!