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ADR Random Episode 01/05/07

ADR Random Episode 01/05/07

1.Fondle Corpse - Razorblade Attack
2.Electro Quarterstaff - Titanium Overlords
3.Beneath the Massacre - Society's Disposable Son * NEW!
4.Necrotorture - Anal Torture
5.Without Remorse - All is Lost
6.Nailshitter - Gastric Impalement
7.Cynic - Textures
8.Insidious Decrepency - Befouled
9.Whorecore - Chain Reaction
10.Abacabb - Articulation
11.WeCameWithBrokenTeeth - Lets Play Find The Body
12.Anomalous - Revelations
13.Psycroptic - Alpha Breed
14.AIC - Scat Artillery
15.Yyrkoon - From the Depths
16.Cliteater - Camel Fuckers
17.Behold The Arctopus - Paincave
18.gorey Gibbler - Mr. Pitt
19.Inhuman Dissiliency - Self Inflicting Disseverment
20.Guttural Engorgement - Chopsaw Sodomy(Re-recording) *NEW!
21.A Night to Dismember - Chunky Beef Stupid
22.Harakiri - You Too Can Have Your Own Crank lab
23.Subterranean Fecal Root - Beat The Fuck Out Of Jesus
24.Ive Been Shot - Listen Here Mother Fucker
25.Psyopus - Insects
26.Inherit Disease - Dissimulate Invalidity