extended modulation #84

extended modulation #84

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extended modulation #84
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extended modulation

extended modulation merges classical music, neo classical, score and electronic beats . originally aired on byte.fm - may 02, 2016.


Playing tracks by Ansome, Una, Andy Stott, Mocky, Joon Moon and more.


extended modulation

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Ansome - Chemical Kenn
Una - Heal Him Now (Charles Webster His Bones Dub)
Andy Stott - Butterflies
GoGo Penguin - Fort (DSC Basement Remix)

Mocky Feat. Jamie Lidell - Keep Feeling This
Joon Moon - Call Me
Amaroun - Bedbugs
Kreng The Bottom Of The Spiral (Camino / Soundtrack)
Brian Eno - Fickle Sun (ii)
Ritornell Feat. Tobias Koett - If Nine Was Eight

BJ The Chicago Kid - Strawberry Bubblegum ;)

Duktus - Light Up My Night

DJ Shadow - The Mountain Will Fall

Edyth - Agua Verde 

Holy machines X Aquiet - Ritual Pro

Memotone - Across The Divide

Napoleon XIV - Take Me Away (Me Raabenstein Redo)