Radio Escobar 2024-1-9

Radio Escobar 2024-1-9

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Radio Escobar 2024-1-9

Escobar 0124
Escobar on Radio X
This show was aired by Golf on January 9, 2023 –
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Playing tracks by Hessen Bastard, The Scroungers, Negative Standards, Pretty Little Flower, False Light and more.

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Escobar on Radio X

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Hessen Bastard: Hass kommt krass: Im Zeichen des (Pleite-)Geiers
02 The Scroungers: Carmageddon Now: Satan! Satan! Satan! Oi! Oi! Oi!
03 Negative Standards: VII: VI-XI
04 Pretty Little Flower: Up In Flames, Down In A Sea Of Bullets: Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter
05 False Light: Wrench In The Works: Forced By Flame
06 Discomfort: Submission: Discomfort / False Light
07 Henry Fonda: Tripper, Bandwurm, Anarchie: Henry Fonda / Empowerment
08 Funeral Chic: Fantasy: Superstition
09 Hessian: Sons Of Avarice: Hessian
10 Iron Reagan: Delete That: Iron Reagan / Toxic Shock
11 Fuck The Facts: Dropping Like Flies: Pleine Noirceur
12 Sunlight's Bane: Heart Of Gnarled Roots: Antiquated Chapters
13 Punch: Convenience Store: Eyeless
14 Jungbluth: Zwang Abwärts: Part Ache
15 Киста: Твои Ошибки: Киста
16 Caïna: Rhosneigr: Caïna / Cara Neir
17 Voidthrone: Nullum Emperium: Spiritual War Tactics
18 Meth Drinker: Desperation: Meth Drinker
19 ソドム: Test Pattern: Breaking Glass