Radio Escobar 2021-11-9

Radio Escobar 2021-11-9

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Radio Escobar 2021-11-9

Escobar 1121
Escobar on Radio X
This show was aired by Golf on November 9, 2021 –
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Playing tracks by Accept Death, Miscreance, Misþyrming, Michel Anoia, Sinmara and more.


Escobar on Radio X

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Accept Death: Tolerance: Accept Death
02 Miscreance: Spectral Waves: Vile Apparition / Miscreance
03 Misþyrming: Söngur Uppljómunar: Söngvar Elds Og Óreiðu
04 Michel Anoia: Nervures: Nervures
05 Sinmara: Ivory Stone: Sinmara / Misþyrming
06 Cancelled Earth: Scistosomania: Cancelled Earth
07 Invunche: Ciudad: II
08 xXXXXXXXXx: (turns out) xunsuitablex
09 Jordablod: Liberator Of Eden: Upon My Cremation Pyre
10 Suffering Hour: Procession To Obscure Infinity: In Passing Ascension
11 Svartmálm: Svartideyði II: Mánin Litast Reyður: Svartmálm
12 Fluoride: Suffocate: Disentanglement