Radio Escobar 2022-10-11

Radio Escobar 2022-10-11

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Radio Escobar 2022-10-11

Escobar 1022
Escobar on Radio X
This show was aired by Golf on October 11, 2022 –
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Playing tracks by Sarcoma de Kaposi, 自我, 嘔吐処女団, 濃霧, Encroached and more.

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Escobar on Radio X

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Sarcoma de Kaposi: Argh: Turbia Triple Frontera
02 自我: Genzitsu: 自我
03 嘔吐処女団: アングロサンコン: 欲求不満の白雪姫と7人の小人達
04 濃霧: 可能性: 濃霧
05 Encroached: Greed Rules: 4 Way For Destruction
06 The Moor: Too Late: The Moor
07 Implement: Total Control: ...Through Screams Of Infernal Misery
08 Rubble: Manufactured Insecurities: Parts Per Million
09 Stresstest: Misplaced: Bad Timing Demo
10 Gel: Violent Closure: Violent Closure
11 Common Enemy: Scorched Earth: Common Enemy
12 Infect: Classe Dominante: Indelevel
13 Obsesif Kompulsif: Serikat Tak Berserikat: Thrash Complex
14 Primitive Blast: Malaise: Animalistic
15 Tensö: Te Eliminaran: La Generación Cristal
16 Massacre Em Alphaville: A Lenda De Um Cidadão: Vacilou Na Quebrada Dorme Na Vala
17 Dark Sorcerer: Upon The Earth: ...From The Emerald Tablet
18 Wyrms: Entre Gueux Et Rats: Sarkhral Lumænor - La Lueur Contre Les Fléaux
19 مارد: Al Hayat Al Abadeyyah: ٧ ٧ ٧ ٧ ٧ ٧ ٧
20 Altarage: Maneuvre: Succumb
21 Thrall: Hollow: Schisms
22 Wake: Swallow The Light: Thought Form Descent
23 Vermin Womb: Denvoid: Retaliation