Radio Escobar 2022-7-12

Radio Escobar 2022-7-12

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Radio Escobar 2022-7-12

Escobar 0722
Escobar on Radio X
This show was aired by Golf on July 12, 2022 –
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Playing tracks by Chaosmelck, Husky Voice, Kruw, Nachkriegsratten, Dancehall Satan and more.


Escobar on Radio X

00 Artist: Track: Album
01 Chaosmelck: Everything Is Getting Progressively Worse: カオスミルク
02 Husky Voice: Fight Through The Life: Husky Voice
03 Kruw: War: ザ・パンクス
04 Nachkriegsratten: Sandmann: Halt die Fresse, ich will pennen!
05 Dancehall Satan: Kill Yer Scene: Beyond Good & P.C.
06 Grounds: Under The Light Of 500 Suns: 9 Song Demo
07 Insect Warfare: Paranoia: World Extermination
08 Kill The Client: Fraudulent Rule: Kill The Client / Feastem
09 Triac: Grab Everything That Kills: Always Meant To Hurt You
10 Vermin Womb: Pitiless: Decline
11 Suffering Mind: Szturm: Asshammer / Suffering Mind
12 Black Hole Of Calcutta: Graffiti Is Art: Black Hole Of Calcutta / Lycanthropy
13 Khnutt: Endless Laugh: Khnutt
14 466/64: Perdidos: Amor Y Rabia
15 Lapse: Mouf: Demo
16 Bukkake Boys: No Sleep: EP
17 Sean: Three Blind Mice: Singers Ruin Perfectly Good Bands
18 Knife Fight: Destruction: Burning Bridges
19 Contorture: Trapped: Insidious Process / Contorture
20 Insidious Process: Ta För Dig: Insidious Process
21 Fuck The Facts: Dropping Like Flies: Pleine Noirceur
22 Torch Runner: Bound By Misery: Endless Nothing
23 Schrapnell: Die Welt brennt: Tonspur
24 Birdflesh: Pissboy: All The Miseries
25 Invunche: Salvaje: II
26 Warthog: Terrestrial Progress: Warthog
27 Bring The Drones: A Cavalcade Of Bastards: Ignorance Paradise
28 The Spoils: United Snakes: To The Victor...
29 Tsavo: Humanity: Fast-Food Thrash Metal
30 Iron Reagan: Running Out Of Time: Demo
31 Fiasko: En Annan Dag: Fiasko / Groteska Taskar
32 Slund: Tourette's (Nirvana): Quarantined