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Marko Karner

Maribor, Slovenia

To make a long story short are some facts about me.

I'm a producer, soundmaker, parttime dj and mostly, a musical enthusiast.

My musical taste ranges from old tracks of James Brown, Zapp and Funkadelic, through to Beastie Boys, Redman and 90's hiphop ... and all the way to Adam F, Filla Brazillia and Roni Size... to name a few.

I believe If a track is really good, it will move your feet and make your head bob to the beat; even if its 100 years old. YES :))

Artists like Kraftwerk, Huan Atkins, Ken Ishi, Moodyman... They weren't bothered by the financial outcome when they started doing "their thing".
Have a go and check out their "old" stuff on Youtube... You'll see what I mean

Welcome to "my cloud" !!
Here you will find some of my promo sets. Feel free to contact me via P.M. or FB. if u have any questions...

that's about it... I'm out for another "studio" therapy