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Tropic of Cancer - M.U. Podcast #31 (December 2011)

Tropic of Cancer - M.U. Podcast #31 (December 2011)

Playing tracks by

Ela Orleans, Autopoeises, Oneohtrix Point Never, Grouper, Franz Liszt Two Pieces from the Hungarian Coronation S501/R192 and more.

Tropic Of Cancer is an exceptional LA Based artist Camella Lobo who has been evoking a unique sound aesthetic since her very first single “The Dull Age / Victims” (2009) out on Downwards, «all releases to date have been collaborations» with Juan Mendez (known as Sandwell District and Silent Servant). Her latest work «The End Of All Things is a breathtakingly spacious production and scarily evocative songcraft that collects all the tracks from the Downwards singles (sans Richard H. Kirk’s remix of ‘Be Brave), together with a handful of previously unreleased rarities, including a cover of Soft Cell‘s ‘L.O.V.E Feelings’». After her European tour Camella agreed to perform the 31# M.U. Podcast which I have no words to describe how thankful I am, big X, M.U.
About the mix: “This is a mix for the loved and unloved, the lost and the found. It was compiled in moments of weakness” Tropic of Cancer.


Muhammed Adeel

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Alfonso A. Tobar

You must be Latino or Hispanic... Esta composición resulta muy evocativa. Very evocative musical composition not only with names Trópic(o) de Cancer. But Mundo Urbano brings me back and forth to many levels and instances, situations, and interactions is like be back in time in the barrio, the ciudad, the movie theater, wondering on the sidewalk, lost in a ride on a bus, the city landscape while trying to catch a taxi, the metro, or running around to meet someone in the comercios, the downtown cafeteria or the venues to see your friends. Strongly reminiscent musical pattern with fantastic emotional and inspiring innuendos - my soul spins around, up, and down. And you even carefully transfer all the dynamic of your personal insights when we listen to it. I feel very connected to this piece. Awesome artwork. Thanks for sharing.

Mundo Urbano

Hola Alfonso, thanks for your kind words. I'm from Portugal :) If you liked this mix, please subscribe. You can also follow Mundo Urbano in Facebook : , Twitter: Thanks for listening, Peace!

Alfonso A. Tobar

Nã só gosto muito ... Eu quero roubar, ou pelo menos fazer o download! Eu tenho que clique em Seguir para se inscrever? Excelente trabalho. Brigado!

Alfonso A. Tobar

Eu sou chileno, eu moro na Carolina do Norte, EUA

Jane & Nico

wish we could get full tracklist this is incredible!


Trouble downloading :(

"permission denied" help!

Hektor K
Hektor K

yes please ;) mixcloud app doesn't work everywhere (yet) .....
Thank you

Mundo Urbano

I'm going to re upload the podcast Mark

Tanner Tulkas

Dear Mundo Urbano. The downloadlink is still not functioning. Could you help me (and Hektor K probably too). Thanks!

Mundo Urbano

broken link?