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Dhamma on Air #19 audio

Dhamma on Air #19 audio

Dhamma on Air #19 Audio: Meditation increases IQ Corresponding Video is here: Dhamma Questions answered:Q1: After gaining Stream Entrance, does the fruit of one's Kamma accelerate? Q2: After gaining Stream Entrance, does Mara attack you more aggressively? Q3: What and how is the Asura Angry Demon Realm? Q4: Are we a sort of a non-local hologram of an information? Q5: Does meditation increase the intelligence quotient (IQ)? On Asuras = Angry Demons: Science on Meditation increases the intelligence quotient:Reference AImmediate and Long-term Effects of Meditation on Acute Stress Reactivity, Cognitive Functions, and IntelligenceSingh, Yogesh, MD; Sharma, Ratna, PhD; Talwar, Anjana, MD. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine18.6(Nov/Dec 2012): 46-53. Reference BZeidan, F., et al. Mindfulness meditation improves cognition: Evidence o