The Particular (PART003): Blanche's Story

The Particular (PART003): Blanche's Story

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The Particular (PART003): Blanche's Story
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Blanche Rogers of Yateley, Hampshire is 74 – and her story in Episode 3 of ‘The Particular’ documents much of the social changes in the UK across the 20th and 21st century.

She begins with powerful testimony about the death of her father when she was just two years old, falling into a threshing machine in one of the fields around Yateley – an accident unlikely to happen today with much tighter health and safety at work.

“He was walking along the side of it in hobnailed boots and he slipped into the mechanism of it and it trapped him by the legs. By the time they got up Yateley [Cottage] Hospital to get the equipment to go down there and cut his legs off, one from his knee, and one from his ankle, and got him to Reading Hospital, well he died within quarter of an hour of being in there.”

‘The Particular’ is about listening to the past, today. 1st person storytelling meets oral history. Produced as part of the Sound Vault community podcast team.