Star's End Annex set 49

Star's End Annex set 49

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Star's End Annex set 49

This is a very sleepy set. In fact I've found that if I want to hear the end of it I have to start in the middle or I don't get past the third track. If you're keeping score at home, the Uton and Akira Rabelais tracks are mostly playing at the same time. Also, the Lähtö disc is available as a free download from his site: .


Playing tracks by David Tagg, Lähtö, TUU, Thomas Koner, Uton and more.



Timestamping is slightly misleading here, as the Akira Rabelais is actually audible a bit before the Uton, and it's gone before Uton finishes. Plus I'm not sure why there's all that silence at the end. My fault no doubt.