Matts Archive w/ Matt Fox (January 2022)

Matts Archive w/ Matt Fox (January 2022)

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Matts Archive w/ Matt Fox (January 2022)
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2022/01/18 - Cologne | Music by Matt Fox, recorded live at the dublab HQ in Nippes.

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Nick Shuttle

Fantastisch!!! Eine einzige Perlenkette aus Classics und Holy Grails! Und ich stehe mit offenem Mund und Coffee-To-Go-Becher vor diesem akustischen Tiffany's und betreibe Window-Shopping :-)

Matt Fox (Matt's Archive)

haha, danke für die blumen...und einem SEHR schönen bild vorm inneren auge...freut mich, dass es gefallen hat.

Ryan Wilson

Boss Matt

Matt Fox (Matt's Archive)

thx pal...gonna see ya in Liverpool in 4 weeks?


Fantastic playlist.... just awesome

Matt Fox (Matt's Archive)

cheers mate!

Matt Fox (Matt's Archive)

Playlist Matt's Archive, 18.01.2022

1. Blowfly - Intro
2. The Festivals You've Got The Makings Of A Lover
3. Renaldo Domino - I’m Hip To Your Game
4. Billy Kent - Take It All This Time
5. Ann Sexton - I’m His Wife
6. Carl Hall - What About You
7. Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness - Loneliness
8. Bill Brandon - The Streets Got My Lady
9. Flowers - We Could Make It Happen
10. George Hobson - Let It Be Real
11. William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurting Thing
12. Jeanie Tracy - Making New Friends
13. Syl Johnson - I Resign
14. Jimmie Raye - You Must Be Losing Your Mind
15. Darrow Fletcher - It’s No Mistake
16. Kenny Wells - Isn't It Just A Shame
17. Ann Heywood - Crook His Little Finger
18. Jackey Beavers - Bring Me All Your Heartaches
19. The Bitter And The Sweet - I Won't Have Any Babies For You
20. Chuck Ray - I Don’t Mind
21. Stoppers - Come Back Baby
22. Paul Burton - So Very Hard To Make It
23. Willie Tee - Please Don't Go
24. Four Voices - Your Love Is Getting Stronger
25. John Harris & The Soul Sayers - Hangin' In
26. Frankie & The Damons - Man From Soul
27. Tony Clarke - (They Call Me) A Wrong Man
28. Volumes - Ain't Gonna Give You Up
29. Ascots - Just A Few Feet From The Gutter
30. Milton Parker - Women Like It Harder
31. Fantastics - Where There's A Will (There's A Way)
32. Psychodelic Frankie - Putting You Out Of My Life
33. Fantastic Four - (I'm Gonna) Live Up To What She Thinks
34. Rhythm Rascals - Why Do You Have To Go
35. Bobby Sansom - Don't Leave