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Elena Nikolaidi - collections

Elena Nikolaidi - collections

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Elena Nikolaidi, 1909-2002, ("Niki") had been more than a voice teacher to me: House mate for summers in Santa Fe, NM, and in Houston, TX after graduating from UH. She's my"Greek Grandmather" who taught me to make delicious Greek avgolemone soup, Kurabiedes cookies, Tiropita, Spanakopita, Pastitio and Moussaka. Besides taking care of house chores often I accompanied on the piano for her vocal students, but invaluable were the ongoing mini vocalizing she had me do round the clock when she's not teaching. She constantly searched for ways to communicate to her students the way to freedom in singing. Me being the happy guinea pig got to learn by osmosis. When I moved to NY in 1994 to learn Audio Engineering Niki sent me some LP and reel to reels of her singing for me to digitize. Beethoven's An Die Ferne Geliebte has always been special to me. Now even more so for her students and admirers who might get to listen to her once more even though she is far away from us for the time being.



Happy Birthday, NIKI! Miss you!


Hi David,
Thanks for your kind words! I didn't know the story of Niki and the record from the UH listening center. That's an amusing story. I just remastered her tape as I know her voice in person. I'm glad it turned out well. As for buying the tracks, I'm not sure why there are the "buy" buttons next to them as I didn't set them up for purchase. (for the record, the "buy" button features happened after the fact. I'm not familiar with how it's set up, only that it happened around feb 2011) It seems that for other cloudcasts where the songs are available commercially, the "buy" buttons leads to the correct site, but the ones that are not for sale, these buttons leads to either incorrect, or maybe a default site.

David Alexander

Hi Drala,
I am trying to buy these and I can not get the links to work. Can we buy them from you another way? They are the best recordings of Niki. You managed to take the fast "beat" in the voice out that we knew wasn't there. She hated those recordings and came to the listening center at U. of H. and took the one that was there home saying, "This does not sound like me." Of course we knew it was just the poor technology of that day. I really must have these to play for my enjoyment as well as my college students to demonstrate the technique.
Thank you so much!