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  • 3 years ago
Time Travel – Science Part – DRH002

Time Travel – Science Part – DRH002

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Episode 002 – Time Travel Science Part

Last week we started our trip Down the Rabbit Hole on the topic of Time Travel, covering the sci-fi, theories and hoaxes.

Now, in the concluding part, we talk about the science behind the idea of time travel.

We start the show discussing some of the basics, like Albert Einstein's Relativity Theory but don’t panic, we talk about it in very simple terms - we are not scientists!. Einstein developed his famous equation E=MC2 in the early part of the 20th Century that, when re-arranged for C (velocity), shows that as you accelerate an object, the amount of energy needed increases exponentially, as does the mass (M). So, if the speed of light could be reached, the mass of the object and the energy required to get it there would be infinite. As these velocities are approached weird things also start happening to time. This is