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  • 2 years ago
The Magic Molecule – DRH008

The Magic Molecule – DRH008

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Episode 008 – The Magic Molecule

After a couple of weeks in which we had to travel and go through some interesting experiences, we are back with a new trip Down The Rabbit Hole, in which we will discuss about the Magic Molecule: DNA.

There have been lot of movies and books related to DNA in sci-fi and movies including Jurassic Park where dinosaurs are resurrected, but the big problem has to do in how long DNA retains it's integrity and information, since DNA is the blue print of life, there is a limit in how much DNA can retain the information and it's between a thousand and a hundred thousand years while is not in contact with water, after that the information gets corrupted.

We mention panspermia which means seeding planets with DNA through asteroids and the fact we mention it it's because has been used a a central topic in movies where earth or other plan