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Super Strength – DRH019

Super Strength – DRH019

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Episode 019 – Super Strength

Can you lift a car? What about in an emergency? You may have guessed already - today we are talking about super-strength!

Super strength, sometimes also called ‘hysterical strength’ or ‘excited delirium’, is largely thought to be caused by an Adrenaline rush brought about in situations of extreme stress.

In today’s show we will be checking out a 20th Century conspiracy theory, along with mythical and fictional characters renowned for being super strong.

We start with a segment about a new synthetic street drug - Flakka - with a side effect that seems to trigger abnormal strength. Then we move on to a so called conspiracy involving that ever popular old Soviet Union bad-guy Stalin, who allegedly ordered the creation of half-man – half-ape super warriors. Among other abilities these super warriors were to have strengt