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Episode 2.20 7/15/16 - Writ in Stone - Those Divine Bastards

Episode 2.20 7/15/16 - Writ in Stone - Those Divine Bastards

It’s tough being a god. The kid lost his pop when he was just a wee lad of five. A couple uncles decided they didn’t want the widow influencing the kid too awful much, after all they had a country to run. So they had her killed before she even knew her dear god/king/husband had moved onto another plane. This, of course threw the country into turmoil. The Syrians and the Macedonains took advantage and divvied up the overseas holdings, the slaves revolted, though to be fair the slaves were often revolting, and an army uprising ended with the civic minded uncles being put to their own bloody deaths.
When young Ptolemy reached his majority (a tender sixteen in those days), the uprisen army stood down, the slaves got a little less revolty, and the Syrians sued for peace. Even offered a Cleopatra child bride for the new god king (not that Cleopatra, an earlier model, kinda of a Betapatra). And with the blessings of the temples, announcements were made of the ascension of Ptolemy V, Immortal