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  • 2 years ago
Episode 2.19 7/07/16 - Whither Balloons - Those Alien Bastards

Episode 2.19 7/07/16 - Whither Balloons - Those Alien Bastards

Leading up to the war, we’d been watching the skies in terror for years We’d been watching the death from above bombing of London for years before we even got into the war, and with the incident at the pearly harbor, and the other incidents in Japan, we had grown accustomed to fearing the skies. Stalin’s Soviet shenanigans weren’t quite ready to take up that gap for the general public until the fifties kicked in, so in the immediate post war world we were looking to the skies to find something to be afraid of.
There is some history of reports of round flying objects in the skies. Tenth century Japan brought us the tale of the bamboo cutter. A couple century later in Yorkshire, England a silver disc flew over the village, and in 1561 several folk in Neuremberg reported discs and spheres flying out of large floating cylinders. The first sighting here in the US was June 24, of ‘47, near Mount Rainier. Eight saucer shaped objects and one crescent shaped one flying in an Echelon formation.