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Episode 2.16 6/17/16 - Best Bone Locker - That Shah Bastard

Episode 2.16 6/17/16 - Best Bone Locker - That Shah Bastard

Arju was the daughter of privilege, and as such with many of that type, she was beautiful. A child of a notable family, niece of a former Empress, she was chatteled off to a young prince. Betrothed when they were fifteen or so, she and her Prince were not to marry right away. The royal astronomers consulted the heavens and chose the date for their wedding five years hence as one that would bring a very happy marriage.
In the meantime the Prince had duties to his kingdom, and was required to enter his manhood and begin sireing heirs. As was custom at the time a Prince may have many wives, and he married a couple that he did not care so much about. He did his duty and lay with them until they were with child, then he put them up and away in his palace and awaited his wedding day with his lovely Arju. And so on may 10, 1613, Prince Khurram wed Arjumand Benu Begum and she became his Chosen One of the Palace, or Mumtaz Mahal in the local parlance. They banged around a lot, and over the next