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  • 2 years ago
2.5.16 - Bomb Diggity - That Flyboy Bastard

2.5.16 - Bomb Diggity - That Flyboy Bastard

The fifties was a stressful time for anyone living through it and paying attention. Once we Dropped a couple big ones on Japan and ended the second world we turned our attention to the next great threat to world peace (or American economic interests if you’re of a more cynical bent) to the spread of red. We remained the only nuclear power for four years, but once the Soviets tested their first nuclear device in ‘49 we were off to the races.

By ‘64 the Ruskies and we had both upgraded our technology to that of the Hydrogen bomb, gettin all thermonuclear up in that bitch, and we started cranking them out. By 58, there were as many as five hundred USSR approved jumbo firecrackers floating around, but we had some real gumption and sticktoitiveness and had as many as five thousand Yankee big boys.