NGOMA 09 - الخلود

NGOMA 09 - الخلود

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NGOMA 09 - الخلود
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On the other side of the sahara, African rhythms become more angular, colder; and the tones deeper, ominously darker. Some of the killer classics have been re-fixed and mashed up: Egyptian darbuka meets Kraftwerk, Palestinian oud-electro spiced with Afro drums, Israeli folk with the moonbah treatment.

Algerian and Moroccan Rai is central to this mix, including Cheikha Rimitti's huge hit Ana Ou Ghzali, 2 awe inspiring pieces by Cheba Fadela which were re-issued by Factory Records; and older, more energetic Rai make up the ecstatic frenzied peak. Rai is immersive: a force which keeps spiraling, like the dervishes, for ever -- music non stop.

The Arabic title means "Eternity", and it describes both the timeless quality of these grooves, as well as the mystical feeling they convey: transcending the here and now, and touching, if for but a few fleeting moments, something outside our human limitations, constant and without end.



Playing tracks by Morocco] Nour Eddine, UK] Muslim Gauze, Palestine/Tunisia] Checkpoint 303, Egypt/Germany] Hossam Ramzy+Kraftwerk, Israel/France/Unknown] Ora Sittner & Youval MicenmacRafiah + Peter Bucci, Sammimacher and more.


DJ. Optique

Arabic and Kraftwerk in same track? You're crazy...but I like it :))) Cool, exciting mix!! Congratulation!!

The Deep Show

Great mix Zhao. Love the work you make, just landed from your site. Glad you're explaining all the music from your mixes, this is how we can make our knowloedge much wider. :)


Saludos from Berlin!...great music!!! danke!

Chaitanya Av

Lovely set brother...Loved those desert vibes...beautiful Indeed


quelle harmonie et souvenirs....elhamdulillah


Really love the track Dana Dana. Thanks


Like I said already, HELWA!!


fat !


Zhao - you have one of the most diverse unique global fusion around - always a pleasure to check out your sounds!!

U Got Electrofuzz


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