DJ Spinbad - 80s Megamix Vol 2 (2000)

DJ Spinbad - 80s Megamix Vol 2 (2000)

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DJ Spinbad - 80s Megamix Vol 2 (2000)
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DJ Spinbad

DJ AM called this the "best mixtape of all time". Also known as "Spinbad & the Eye Of the Tiger", this is the critically acclaimed follow-up to "Spinbad Rocks the Casbah" 80s Megamix Vol 1. This was released on cassette in 2000 & re-released on CD a few years later.


Playing tracks by The Police, Gary Numan, Idol, billy, Lionel Richie, Cameo and more.



Amazing love the movie clips

DJ Wise

Such a loss. Theeeeee dopest mixtapes EVER!! R.I.P. Spinbad. Glad we got to experience your gifts while you were here.


One of the best to ever do it rip my brother


Very creative and entertaining.

DJ D.M.X.  ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

Well done...🤟 REST IN POWER


One of the greatest mixtapes EVER made!


Can't believe it, one of the greatest to do it! RIP 🙁

Cool Sport

The meaning of precision. Rest Brother & Thank You🙏🏾

DJ Goce

Rest In Power King!!!

Mes Kla

Legends Never Really Die <3
R.I.P. King

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