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DJ Rob (BooM! Records)

Groningen, Netherlands

Rob is a 35 year old, SICK / BooM! Records label Dj from Groningen (NL). Being a Dj since the year 2000, he played at many parties in different countries like: Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, China, USA, Canada, Macedonia, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands of course.
His style is between atmospheric, powerful, deep groovy till melodic, uplifting full-on psychedelic. He has been able to play alongside many great artists of the psychedelic trance scene like: Astrix, Xerox & Illumination, Cyrus the Virus, X-Noize, Chemical Drive, Sesto Sento, Eskimo, Fractal Glider, Rastaliens, Principles Of Flight, Amadetzana, Anti-Gravity, TnT, Ecliptic, Lamat, Sharigrama and many more...
Apart from being a DJ he's also working for his organization Up-Projects. Watch out for this artist in the future!
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