Molto Funk

11 months ago

Featuring many Funk and Acid Jazz tunes from Italian artists such as Jesto Funk, Mario Biondi, Vito Lalinga and Black & Brown, or the downtempo, modern funk of Prince, Tommy Guerrero, while never forgetting the origins, with flashbacks towards the funk of Donny Hathaway or People's Choice, this DJ set is again a crazy time travelling through the different eras of Funk, without a particular cronologic order.

Listen to here:


Fluid - Jestofunk
Down Here On the Ground (Remix By the Ummah) - Dianne Reeves & Grant Green
White Sands - Tommy Guerrero
Satan In Love (Leo Mas/Fabrice Inferno Lovers mix) - La Bellini
Wonderwhy (Fred Everything Space edit) - Llorca
Why Did You Do It (Disco Tech Edit) - Margaret Singana
Ink - Black & Brown
Musicology - Prince
Movin'in All Directions - People's Choice
Right On - The Last Minister
No Sugar (Slo Mo Skank) - Chewy Rubs
Catch The Beat - T Ski Valley
Funky Fever - Vito Lalinga
Space Funk - Manzel
The Ghetto - Donny Hathaway
The Ghetto - Jestofunk
This Is What You Are - Mario Biondi