dj nicolica

Belgrade, Serbia

a.k.a. dj commy

🥇 2023 - 1st Global x2
🥈 2023 - 2nd Global x2
🏆 2023 - 3rd Global x1
🥇 2023 - 1st Serbia/Adria (EU) x16

🥇 2022 - 1st in Serbia/Adria (EU) x4
🏆 2022 - 3rd x2 - 4th x2 Global

🥇 2021 - 1st in Serbia/Adria (EU) x2

🥈 2018 - 2nd and 5th Global

I'm just a regular everyday normal mother fucker who is 30+ years in house music. Sending love to all of you!

Good DJ's play the tunes you want to hear.
Great DJ's play the tunes you didn't even know you wanted to hear.

Bringing you the special selection of the finest house music tunes from all over the world. One thing my sets all have in common, is a good groove, unnoticeable mixes between tunes, no jingles, no special effects and at the end a great beat. Thanx so much for all your likes, comments and reposts, thanx for the love and support.

When I was young, I worked as a DJ in clubs and radio stations. Today is now my hobby.