Who Said Women Can't Rap?

Who Said Women Can't Rap?

5 years ago
Who Said Women Can't Rap?
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"Who Said Women Can't Rap?" came to reality after frustration that female rappers doesn't get the same exposure that men do. There's a ton of great female rappers - always has been - but only a few of them have made the Billboard charts. This mix showcases 20 different rappers from USA, UK, South Africa, Namibia and Finland.

WSWCR Includes well-known artists such as Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Cardi B and rising stars such as Melii, Saweetie, Kash Doll, Stefflon Don and more.



Playing tracks by Brianna Perry, Melii, Cardi B, Salma Slims, Angel Haze and more.

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