COVID-19 Acid Jam Livestream [05.01.2020]

COVID-19 Acid Jam Livestream [05.01.2020]

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COVID-19 Acid Jam Livestream [05.01.2020]
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Miss Innocent

Recording of my set on COVID-19 Acid Jam. This is a weekly livestream event hosted by Gi Jody and Jonnay. I pulled out some of my older stuff for this and had a ton of fun playing on the slightly faster/harder side of things (ironically, I did not play any acid even though the event is called Acid Jam). This set was also inspired by (and a tribute to) one of my all-time favourite producers, Eric Sneo!


Playing tracks by Riders On The Storm (original mix), Dig It, Strange Life (Cave remix), Da Fonk, Save The Whales (original mix) and more.