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Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Mauricio Scolari is caracterized for being a versatile DJ, with the capacity of offering not only specific Progressive House, Techno and Hardcore sets but also Extended sets.

In reference to his musical training, his main mentor is the DJ Tomás Caturla, with whom he got his degree in Rosario. However, this was not his first contact with music. Music has reached his life since he was a child, with his mother, a piano teacher and his uncle, a DJ. In his adolescence, the radio approched him to electronic music. He used to listen to the popular genre known as Marcha in the 90s with DJs like Tiesto. That would be the beggining of a long way which made him investigate and study the genre on its depth. Today Mauricio is an electronic lover and keeps on innovating with passion day after day.

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